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Dealer Registration

Are you signed up to be a Garage Organization Dealer? Register to become an official TGOC & Strong Racks product installer. Once you are approved you will receive access to exclusive dealer dealer benefits such as: Direct Purchases. Discounted Pricing. Collateral Support. Sales and Installation Training. Free leads from our North American Sites.

Direct Ordering

TGOC has moved forward and now offers online purchasing for our dealer network. You can place orders by the job or stock up and save. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry. There are far too many competitive advantages becoming a TGOC Dealer.

Sales and Installation Support

Our Dealer Benefits include access to our installation videos, documents and support staff. Our online video installation library will put you ahead of the rest. You also have the ability to contact us for immediate installation support. We can also schedule webinars with your team to provide them with sales training direct from our facility. We can go live on the computer and demonstrate our products first hand.


Competitive advantage for your business is here for you today. Don’t let your competitor get the upper hand in your market.

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