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Why Become a Dealer?

When we say the statement: Why Become a Dealer?, we think of ourselves first. We ask ourselves, how would we want to be treated by a manufacturer?

When we built our dealer program, we felt that it was our responsibility to evaluate other companies support programs. We took a hard look at the things that get frustrating and tried to improve upon them. Becoming a dealer of a manufacturer’s products is opening yourself up to having an outside influence on your local business. Our intent to influence your business is simple. We want to create effective and unique products that North American Home Owners request by name. We direct market our products and brands to the end user, the home owners. We do this to provide you with enhanced support and lead generation.

Think of it this way. We create a home storage device that our research has shown to be a value to home owners. We develop it, test it and market it. This research sometimes comes directly from you. When we market it to the end user, you get requests in your local market for our devices and brands. It takes on average $300 to $350 per sale in marketing and advertising costs. If we create something that is unique and effective, that is directly market to the end user, you benefit through free lead generation. When a home owner contacts you and asks if you carry a certain home storage item we produce, we feel this is a huge benefit to your local business. Building brands and developing products is why you should partner with us. Sometimes, independent business owners fee like promoting another company’s brand, is a liability. This is true if the manufacturer does not have effective products or programs. If the manufacturer is exceeding home owner expectations in a product  category, home owners will search out to find these products locally. If we make it difficult for the home owners to find you, you might lose the lead. Having our products and brands showcased on your site, provides you with free sales leads from our site.  Selling and Installing Dealers are our number one priority.

Selling and Installing Dealers is our number one focus. We say this because of our mission to market direct to home owners. Our data has shown that around 70 percent of North American Home Owners want our products installed. Most home owners lack the time or skill to install our products. When we sell direct to home owners, we are doing this to provide sales leads to our dealer network. Remember closed jobs cost $300 to $350 to generate. We position our online prices to allow you to under cut us. You can match our online prices as a DIY (Do-it-yourself) option only. When a home owner calls you and says “will you match the website pricing” you should say “Yes!”.  The reason we say this is that you will be paid by a local home owner to visit their home. You did not have to “pay” for this lead, but you make money. When you arrive, you can sell the installation of that product or additional services. Imagine getting paid to generate a lead.

Providing you with effective sales tools is also very important to us. You will see that we have launched a new Garage Design Tool on our sites. This Garage Design Tool is intended for home owners to design their garage storage system tailored to their needs. When they complete a design they have two options. 1. Order and do-it-themselves or 2. Design and email to their local dealer for installation bids. This tool will continue to be enhanced to support your local business. You also have the option to use our design tool on your site with your products and logos present. A custom design tool and store instantly on your site!

Finally, we aren’t perfect. We do our best to provide flexibility and cost control. This doesn’t mean that we won’t make a mistake. What we will do is guarantee you we will learn from our mistakes and attempt to improve in the future. All of us here at TGOC welcome you to our enhanced support program and look forward to helping support each others businesses.



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